Here’s to never wondering “Who Am I?”


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“What do you want to do when you grow up?”

The words stopped me mid-bite. As I sat there, mouth agape, with a fork suspended inches from my face in the middle of Doolittles, the world around me stopped. With ten words, I was thrown into an identity crisis.

When I was younger, it was easy.
I wanted to be a pirate… or a puppy dog.

I want to experience the fast pace of a big city.
I want to breath the fresh mountain air where time stands still.

I want to wear freshly ironed slacks and a collared button down.
I want to kick back in a hammock with flip-flops and read a new book.

I want to entertain guests in my downtown warehouse flat.
I want to build a fire in my mountain lodge, miles from the nearest town.

I want to settle down.
I want to travel the world.

How could I tell someone what I wanted to do with my life when I didn’t even know the answer myself?

Minneapolis Engagement Photo

I realized this internal struggle I had was actually what made me… me. This identity crisis I thought I was having was my soul’s attempt to break free from the confines of stereotypes. There was so much more to me than people see on a typical day, and that’s okay. Life is more fulfilling when I choose to be wholly me. So now when someone asks me what I want to do with my life, I know the answer.

I want to live free, and enjoy the company of those around me. I want to have grand adventures to hold as precious memories in my heart to keep me warm and remind me that life is a joy, a privilege, and an incredible journey in the times I need reminding.

Minneapolis Engagement Photo

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